Our service include the following:

  • Surface Printing
  • Reverse Printing
  • Lamination Hot Melt/Wax coating
  • Slitting & Bag Making etc.

Our scope of operation as stated above covers all types of product like

  • Foods & Beverages
  • Detergent & Soap
  • Industrial Packaging etc.

Our substrates are normally laminated in two layers, three layer or multilayer. Like PET-LDPE, BOPP-LDPE, BOPP-BOPP, BOPP-MET BOPP, PET-MET BOPP, PET-FOIL-LDPE , BOPP-CPP, PET-CPP, PET-METPET-LDPE, PET/PAPER/HOTMELT (ENVELOPE SOAP WRAPPERS) etc.